“A Good Men’s Rights Movement Is Hard to Find”–Jaclyn Friedman (@jaclynf)

So, this is real: “I find you, as a feminist, to be a loathsome, vile piece of human garbage. I find you so pernicious and repugnant that the idea of f[EXPLETIVE] your s[EXPLETIVE] up gives me an e[EXPLETIVE].” – Paul Elam, founder and publisher of A Voice For Men (AVFM)


2 thoughts on ““A Good Men’s Rights Movement Is Hard to Find”–Jaclyn Friedman (@jaclynf)

  1. I always suspect that people like Paul Elam are secretly working for the causes they claim to loathe.

    Violent, useless statements like this actually strengthen the resolve of those they target and encourage those of us with working brains to go to extraordinary lengths to make sure the people who accept these statements never come into true power and are exposed and ridiculed as the sorry, raging toddlers they are.

    In simpler words, Mr. Elam, so that you may more easily follow along, you done f[EXPLETIVE] your own s[EXPLETIVE] up, A[EXPLETIVE].

    1. I strongly suspect you’re right. And after feeling totally empowered by your comment and showing it to Jon, he agrees! In that case, good show, Mr. Elam. You can rest assured that we’ll spread the news about your insidious existence and organization.

      As you so aptly pointed out, Sarah, he done f[EXPLETIVE] his own sf[EXPLETIVE] up real good.*

      I thought “sorry, raging toddler” was perfect. Just perfect.

      * note that I disregarded rules of conventions to get on the appropriate level for communication


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