When my friend Megan told me to check out this song, I wasn’t expecting anything. I don’t know if that’s why when it turned out to be spectacular, but I was just floored. They’re not bad lyrics (they’re not amazing either), James Arthur knows how to use his voice and the song’s composition is melodramatic, but in the best kind of way.

None of his other songs had such a punch, but I’ll take one over none. I said as much to Jon. He’s less impressed. I think he should be more impressed. We were texting  at the time. I copied the conversation since it was relevant for today’s Music Monday.

Jon: Nice. I like the song. But I’m also only mildly impressed. I suppose because he has no other music. Seems like a stroke of luck. I also wonder if he wrote it.

Me: It IS a stroke of luck. But it’s like lightning striking to me. I love when everything comes together even if it can’t be replicated. This is his coup de grace.

Jon: Yeah. Don’t get me wrong. I dig the song. I just have a hard time really liking something that has no chance of being replicated. It makes me not believe in the artist. Which in turn makes me not want to like it because I’ll never get anything close to that again. It’s like protecting my heart.

Me: I like how you look at it. But for me, even that instance of brilliance is worth coveting.

And so, here is James Arthur’s “Recovery,” an instance of brilliance worth coveting. Yeah, apparently, that’s how I really talk. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. First, this is going in my Wereduck folder. :)

    Second . . . I get what Jon is saying, but I hail from the era of the One Hit Wonder, so it doesn’t seem unusual to me for there to be only one or two songs on a whole albu—compac—collection that I like. It’s my normal.

    I’m just glad the digital age has made it easier for me to buy those two songs without paying for the whole recor—disc—playli–thingie.

    1. Yes! I struck gold without knowing it. Perfect. I’m so glad to hear that.

      Like you, I see where Jon is coming from (and I respect that), but I feel like you–it’s easy and awesome to collect single songs and that’s the way I like it.

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