Touring my Writing Process

I was tickled and honored and excited to be tagged by Sarah for a very interesting bloghop–how do you write? Oo, toughie, right?Well, Sarah’s work makes my brain light up like New Year’s Eve in Dubai. So, you can imagine that I was drooling reading her answers. My keyboard survived, though. :D Take a look! I’ll share my own, much less interesting answers, in a week! See ya Tuesday?

Earful of Cider

I can’t tell you how flattered I was when Nina Killham, whose book Believe Me knocked me right out and whose blog you should be following, invited me to participate in a blog tour meant to highlight the myriad writing processes of authors and writers.

Nina’s answers to the four deceptively simple questions are fascinating, and I’ve been following the tour backwards to see what other writers have said.

And while I still have my doubts that anyone would be interested in my own process, such as it is, thinking about my answers to those questions was extremely helpful.

So here we go:

What am I working on?

I’m working on two main projects right now and a scattering of smaller ones.

The first primary WIP is something I’m not calling a romance, because that would appall the main characters, who have no patience for  the fancy tropes…

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