S.A. Check Interview

Not too long ago, I reviewed Welcome to GreenGrass by S.A. Check. (And you can be entered to win a FREE SIGNED copy by commenting on the post, or RTing my review of it/any tweets about the Greengrass novel.) But to give everyone a little more insight into the author and his process, I asked a few, quick questions–which he answered, expectedly, in awesome fashion.

No, really.  I know I say stuff like that all the time, but…come on, he had a near-threeway-tie to ride along with Spider-Man, Batman and the Tick. B.O.B. shares a playlist with Metallica. ^.^!!!

And you know, he’s a real author, very conscious of his craft and his literary  footprint. AND he led with a Star Wars reference. COME ON.

That’s an author I’ll ride or die for. ;)

AuthorPicS.A. Check Author with Necro Publications / Bedlam Press – Welcome To GreenGrass – a sci-fi/fan/adventure Available Now!

1. How did GreenGrass come to you? 

A long, long, time ago in a galaxy…sorry, wrong story. We met years ago and it’s been lingering around in the corners of my imagination ever since. The story is a mix of so many of the books I read as a kid and young adult.  When they say that a writer has to read, it’s true.  When you immerse yourself in so many fantastic worlds of others, you develop your own takes on ideas and capture glimpses to make them your own.

1. What made this idea one that needed a full-length novel? 

It’s a book I’d want to read as a fan of sci-fi and fantasy. Simple as that. The book won’t be on the short list, or the long one for that matter, for a Pulitzer, but maybe it’ll transport you somewhere new and keep you entertained for a few hours. I think, as a reader, that we just like to go along for the ride once in a while and though I like to believe the story has deeper connotations steeped in family, friends, and acceptance, it’s also a fun read that will keep surprising you up until the last page.

2. Who is your favorite GreenGrass character to write, and why?

John Traveller, displaced detective, reluctant hero, and a father searching for his missing family. Traveller never asked for the circus his life becomes but he accepts his circumstances and makes the best of it. Even when he gets it wrong, he does so with the best of intentions. His group of friends in the book, Talyn, Sil, and Bonz, all play off of his character traits in various forms and watching the small dramas unfold between them really helps define each one as well.  Would you want this character’s skill set?  Definitely. Why or why not? Because, at the end of the day, Traveller is trusted by his friends, respected by his enemies, and holds himself to a higher code, whether he’ll admit that to anyone or not.
3. What was the hardest part to write and why?

The ending.  While I knew where I wanted the book to finish and what I needed to wrap up, I also wanted to give it as much punch as I could.  You want to surprise the reader with a few “I didn’t see that coming” but keep it within reason that it also makes sense and they can buy into it. It would be easy to bring in a flying submarine that shoots grapefruits at the end to save the day but I don’t think that leaves anyone satisfied, unless you really love grapefruits. Endings really are a bit like boxing, you throw a jab here and maybe a hook there, moving and juking along the way, until the timing is right and you let loose with a ten counter. Hopefully, it all comes together and you’ve put on a good show.
4. What comic book hero/superhero would you want to ride along with? Why?

See, now that’s a trick question because if it’s a ride along then our hero’s mode of transportation plays a big part in the decision process. My favorite superhero has always been Spider-Man and if he was packing a spare set of web-shooters, I think I’d be in. If I’m riding shotgun? I’m hoping Batman had the Tumbler equipped with cup holders. If we’re exchanging snappy one-liners all night, then maybe I’d have to pick The Tick, because how could you ever get tired of hearing a grown man yell “Spoon!”.

If you had to mash your book up with music, who would be on the soundtrack? Five songs. Go!

  • “Break on through (to the other side)” – The Doors
  • “Magic in me” –  B.o.B.
  • “Fuel” – Metallica
  • “Home” – Phillip Phillips
  • “I Would Walk 500 Miles” – Proclaimers

And yeah, I came up with that list in about two minutes!

So, yeah–Check’s pretty cool. :)


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