Save the bloghop SFFSAT & win free books!


I have found such valuable encouragement, support and networking via Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday. It’s a webring for sharing speculative fiction of all genres. And it’s been looking like a one-horse town of late, so the powers that be have decided on a bit a hiatus. A little breaky break, so that the site can be restructured, and hopefully–a few more faces may show up after having some time to write, etc.

Personally my participation has waned due to a waxing thesis. Kinda.

Either way, I feel so grateful for all that #sffsat has brought me that I want to help in anyway I can. And I’m hoping more participants will liven things up and keep things moving in a progressive manner.

That being said, I’m offering to enter any new shiny faces into a drawing to win a copy of any of the books I’ve reviewed by SFFSAT authors. That’s right–there are multiple chances to win:

All five books are by totes OGs of #sffsat and are definitely worth checking out.

Sffsat will reconvene on March 8th (tomorrow!), and I will then start giving away a book each week from the drawing of new/unfamiliar names & faces around! Hope to see you, then!

Sign up here and tweet me here for enter to win!


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