D.C. Politicians VS America’s Children = Apples VS Oranges

apples-and-orangesWhen I saw this article, I started laughing. But out of anger. The fact that people want to draw attention from the real issues to pick at a valid, relevant & much needed initiative in America.

Our children have unhealthy eating habits. I see it on a daily basis. The things we have had to change at my school have saddened the students, but it is one of the best things I’ve seen. They can’t slushies at lunch anymore. Our snacks in the vending machine only have a certain caloric count. They only have so many options for junk food, but please believe they still have that junk food.

At the very least, we can TRY to influence their habits & hope they maintain some form of it throughout their adult life. That is NOT the same as addressing the eating habits of adults in D.C. Apples and oranges.

“Obesity is a “big” problem in the United States. But when politicians pick a moral crusade on behalf of America’s children, maybe they should set a strong example and start with themselves. A look in the mirror can go a long way.”

-Kyle Becker, “Michelle Obama Lectures Kids on What to Eat for Lunch, But Maybe She Should Start with D.C. Politicians”

A look in the mirror is certainly a good idea, but it has very little to do with what Michelle Obama is trying to do with how we treat/raise our children. It is an entirely separate issue, and we have got to stop letting unrelated FLUFF detract from the issues at hand. And believe me–what senior politicians are eating in D.C vs what our kids are eating at school IS fluff.


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