What is the 2015 Diverse Books Challenge?
For the next 9 months take the challenge of diversifying your literature in both subject matter and genre. Each month, choose 3 books from the selected genre of that month. Those books must meet the criteria of diverse literature.

What is “diverse” literature?
Diverse literature (in this case) is intersectional literature that includes the stories of writers of color, women, LGBTQIA content, and the stories of marginalized groups and identities. This type of writing is often overlooked, or not widely publicized, but it is definitely there.

Who can participate? You. Anyone who reads books. Of any color, ethnicity, identity, or gender.

Where can I participate? Ideally at your local public library. All you need is a library card, (bookstores ok too), and access to this blog, which will be updated regularly. 

When? The duration of 2015 starting April 1, 2015

How do I participate:  Guidelines posted above! Choose any 3-5 books in the genre defined for the month. Make sure your books fall under at least one of the categories. Each genre is one month long only. Renew your books so you don’t get any late fees!!! And Don’t forget to SHARE your progress and book choices each month. Blog/post/tweet/snap/pin!

HASHTAGS: #2015DiverseBookChallenge  #1YearofDiverseBooks  #DiverseBooksChallenge

Why should I complete this challenge?

If you read books or have ever read a book, its likely that you’re well versed on the stories of straight, white, cisgendered (mostly male) authors and characters. 

Why I’m doing this challenge: As a queer woman of color, there was a period of time when I gave up on some of my favorite genres of fiction (YA, Sci-Fi, Dystopian, Thrillers) because of the severe lack of diversity I was coming across. With the help of many writers, and the We Need Diverse Books campaign, I feel hopeful rediscovering the joys of these genres by challenging myself to read more writers of color, more stories of queer and trans characters. These stories are out there, and we should ALL be making an effort to support them. It’s time to diversify our literature. I challenge myself and others too, to spend 2015 reading intersectional stories, the voices of the marginalized groups, diverse literature: our stories, and the stories of others. Reading is powerful. Representation in literature is important. 

TAKE THE CHALLENGE. Share. Post. Join. 

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