Trent Jamieson

I have been lucky enough to read and review Roil. Then, my luck held out and its fantastic author Trent Jamieson agreed to an interview. The interview is below. And you don’t want to miss his answers–they’re just the kind a reader wants to hear. :)

Beware of a spoiler–question 5. 


1. The world of Roil is steeped in tragedy–did you intend for the book to be so dark? I mean, did you know when you started writing it that devastation would touch each one of your characters so deeply?

The book started off pretty dark, particularly with Margaret’s chapters. David was a lot lighter to begin with, but as I moved towards later drafts his scenes became darker and darker. It’s about the bleakest thing I have ever written, but I think there’s room for some light in there.

2. Where did this novel come from–what inspired the world, the characters? Did it come to you split into the different POVs or did that develop as your write?

I came from a lot of things, a year I remember in my childhood where it seemed to NEVER stop raining, a bushfire that burned over the horizon of my hometown turning the sky dark and ominous. The characters spring from so many different places, family members that have gone through dark stuff (and come out the other side), people I know, and, I guess, me.

3. Were any of the characters’ tales hard to write? I had a personal stake in so many characters–David, Cadell, Margaret, Medicine, Agatha–I don’t know if I could have done what you did, so I just wondered if you ever hesitated to write the things that happened to them.

I’m terrible to my characters and some scenes are harder to write than others (without giving anything away). But there were a few times that I had to walk away from a scene for a while.

4. What’s the most terrifying creature from the world of Roil?

I think the witmoths they’re the Roil and madness and cunning given form. Most of the creatures of the Roil are a lot of fun, maybe that’s just me having spent too much time with them :)

5. This is a very personal question for me (and a spoiler), but: is Cadell really gone? :(

You’ll have to wait and see, but I can say that his story isn’t done.

6. What was your favorite part to write? Your least favorite?

Margaret’s first few chapters, and the scene on the steam engine the Dolorous Grey with David and Cadell. I don’t know if I have a least favorite scene, writing this book and the sequel have kept me entertained for years.

7. If you could share something with new writers about writing or publishing, what would it be?

Write what you love and what fascinates you – it’s just as hard to sell things that you don’t love, so you’re better off spending your time writing stories that will satisfy you. Writing a novel is a long-term thing, so you need that pleasure to keep you coming back to the story day after day.

8. And if you could tell your fans one thing, what would it be?

I’d thank them for taking a chance on a new writer, not just my fans but anyone that gave my stories a go, even if they didn’t like them. It’s an honor to think that there might be an audience for my weird dark stories.

Oh, there is. And that audience is quite happy to buy as much dark-weird as you can write. :) Keep it comin’.


To learn more about Trent Jamieson and his wonderful work visit his site here. And tweet him here. I’m sure he’d love to hear how excited you are to grab a copy of his book.


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