It’s my goal to review as much as I read. I admit I am lacking on both of those fronts, but the frequency is picking up. If it’s genre fiction, I’m in. Every once in a while, I even venture outside of that. But my happy place is smack dab in the middle of SFF. :)

Dark Companion: Marta Acosta–What’s most striking about Dark Companion is the protagonist Jane, her settings and the ability that Acosta has for presenting a YA story, prime with all of the alluring tropes of YA, while still giving a story with, for lack of better terms, girth.

Night’s Engines: Trent Jamieson–When I started to read Night’s Engines, I thought there was no way that Trent Jamieson could wring more sorrow out of me. I was wrong. And as terrible as that sounds, I’m really happy about it. Jamieson has a way of keeping a steady, continuous mood, that though only ranges in the varying degrees of misery is never tiring. I can never get enough of it. Apparently, I’m a reading masochist and Jamieson knows just how I like it.

Roil: Trent Jamieson–If not for the amazing world, the tightly-knit and superbly delineated plot…if not for the have-to-root-for characters, at least check out ROIL by Trent Jamieson because of all of the beasties: terrible, terrifying and believable in equal measures. It’s a read that will grab you and drag you into a rainy world that makes you oh-so-happy to cuddle in your reading chair with a blanket. And tea. Lots of hot tea. For the shivers, of course.

Deadly Descendant: Jenna Black–High expectations met and surpassed. Just as big of a hit as the first novel. It’s an extremely engrossing world and I always want more. The end, just like with the first novel, comes way too soon. And I’m left hanging for months again. Sigh. I’ll be counting the day for the next release in this series and I hardly do that for anyone nowadays. Unquestionably, an A+ read.

Want: Stephanie Lawton–No my usual fare with a YA read enjoying no speculative elements at all, but a great read, nonetheless. While there isn’t a happily ever after, there’s a realism and weight to the ending that leaves one more than happy that they made the trip. It’s a coming of age story. It’s just not the every day version. But that’s what makes it so wonderful. It’s a mature YA title and it’s an A+ novel without a doubt.

Black Howl: Christina Henry–the haunting, third installment in Christina Henry’s Black Wings will visit a dark, gritty place that Henry makes sparkle with the most captivating of light–like diamonds in the most lightless caves. You’ll come back for more and it will haunt you once you’ve finished. And then you’ll wish for the next one.

Dead, Undead or Somewhere In Between: J.A. Saare–Dead, Undead or Somewhere In Between held me captive from the moment I started it to the moment I finished it. It lingered for days. It’s just that kind of novel. But with a stripclub bartender who can see ghosts for your guide in this dead-filled NYC, it’s easy to see why.

The Shadow Reader: Sandy Williams–a heroine who’s willing to take a punch (and much more), two hot fae men and a world to get lost in (no matter what dimension you’re in): that’s The Shadow Reader. A thrill ride from the start, an enjoyable read through and through.

Dark Descendant: Jenna Black–with a lead who is the descendant of a god—or rather a goddess (Artemis, to be specific), this read is nonstop entertainment.

Afterlight: Elle Jasper–there’s a lot to like about the Afterlight world created by Elle Jasper: a history-laden Savannah, a tattooed protagonist with the need to kick ass and more ridiculously attractive vampires than our main character Riley can handle. But the execution of all of these elements leaves one sadly wanting more.

The Sweet Scent of Blood: Suzanne McLeod–If you like Urban Fantasy in the least, if you’ve ever had a thing for vampires, if you’ve ever wondered if a satyr could be hot, then, this is the book for you. And you should buy it as soon as possible.

Lonely Werewolf Girl: Martin Millar–a unique tapestry of the interwoven lives of a clan of werewolves and their everyday comings and goings that are the exact opposite of “everyday.”

Static: L.A. Witt–a genre bending novel about gender bending; you don’t want to miss any part of this distinctive story.

Hunger: Jackie Morse Kessler—-a gut-gnawing story that will leave you entirely satisfied (trust me).

Three Days to Dead Review: Kelly Meding–a race of a read that will keep you dying to keep up.

Black Wings Review–a refreshing take on so many Urban Fantasy elements and a pithy gargoyle sidekicks can only result in awesome-ness.

I am Number Four: Pittacus Lore–a teenage tale that couples Superman strength and alien heritage to make for a rocking read.

Blood Destiny Review–great read that makes you rethink the meaning of “destiny.


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    1. Hi, Catana, we’re definitely on the same page, because I’d love to review Split at the Root and interview you as well! I would love to get a hold of copy and will contact you later for details. Thanks!

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