Super Reviewers

So, what the hell are the Super Reviewers?

Good question. :) It’s something I made up, a thing that a few other readers agreed to humor me on.

I was thinking about the Justice League (because I was thinking about how I was finally getting back into reading comics) and I was thinking about reviewing books (and how I¬†so¬†wanted to be a part of a review team–what? I like people) and I thought: I can make my own. So I did.

I still don’t have have all of the details ironed out. It’s still an idea that coming together more as we take into consideration what¬†works for us, but at least I know:

  • Seven of us will review the same book
  • We’ll make a¬†concise judgment (yay/nay) in no more than a paragraph
  • Each book will be¬†chosen by a member once or twice a month (depending on the
  • time/availability of the members that month).
  • And each book will be¬†chosen for a specific, noted reason, whether it be a gut instinct that¬†it will be a good read or a good reading experience with the author¬†before.
  • Then, we’ll all post the super review (which will consist of all seven reviews) ¬†to our dedicated blog. Ta-da!
So, that’s it, basically. We’ve all got different projects going on (so, we’ve kinda disbanded), but sometimes, we circle back.
There’s a blog.¬†And a Facebook.
We’re here to save your day. One book at a time.


  • Holly Kench (@StuffedO)¬†My awesomeness intimidates some people, others just point and laugh.¬†
  • Pip Foweraker (@PipFoweraker)¬†Full-time Consultant and Gentleman. Part-time Wizard and Writer. Sydney, Australia.¬†
  • Jessa Russo-Stadtler (@JessaRusso)¬†I write what I love – paranormal YA. My heart still belongs to Jake Ryan. And I’m pretty sure I’m still 16 years old. Just don’t tell my husband. Southern CA.¬†
  • Ray (@iwrites)¬†I drive a truck, I want to be a writer. I take pictures, I want to be a writer. I read, but I want to be a writer. Did I mention I like writing?
  • Anthony Angeline (@unfoldingmyth)¬†Writer and observer. I’m searching for something but won’t know what it is until I’ve found it. I have a dog too. Washington.¬†
  • Nanette Pitts (@nanettepitts)¬†I am passionate about writing. Slightly obsessed with reading. Grateful to be a wife & mother! Friend to many. I’m honest. I live my life the best I can.¬†

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